Saturday, 28 April 2018

Silverweed Wildflowers & Mixed flowers Wooden Crate

New and Exclusive for The Chapter Four Event April from TM Creation
Half Price during event
GP08 Silverweed Wildflowers
Pack with 3 types of plants 100% Mesh Copy/Mod:
Ground Wildflowers Prim count: 1 (LI)
Silverweed Wildflowers Prim count: 2 (LI)
Silverweed Prim count: 1 (LI)

GP09 Mixed flowers Wooden Crate
Wooden Crate with Mix of flowers 100% Mesh- Copy/Mod - Prim count: 8 (LI)
You can unlink all plants (see list below) and use them as you wish
~Bergenia ~Calendula~Dahlia~Daisys~Parthenocissus~Rose Bush Pink~Plant02~Silverweed (Rocks not included)

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