Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Snug Cabin Bath & Shower Set from Zen Creations

Snug Cabin Bath & Shower Set from πŸ’– Zen Creations

Tub [tintable inside and outside]
Shower curtain [hide and show option and tintable]
5 metal colours
Chair [5 textures]
Pitcher [4 textures]
Candle with holder
Snug Cabin Towel Ladder [tintable towels]
Some poses in the tub rez additional decor to fit the mood, and also give you items to wear - eg: bubbles, wine and books.
Also included is a large pack of towels and slippers for male and female.

Other items:
DIGS - Bathroom Floor Towel
Soy. Towel
Kalopsia - Arrow Curtains
hive // macrame hanging plant
Trompe Loeil - Camden Cove

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  1. Beautiful photography, very professionally done, love the crisp white feel to this, amazing blog page too, great photos, thank you!
    Zhoie Zimermann