Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Neva Chapel

Scarlet Creative Neva Chapel Smaller Avatar Size
Comes in two sizes, for tall and smaller avatars, this one is 106li
This old run down Chapel has been used as a dumping ground and squat, but sure it can house a beautiful home.
1 lower room, and attic space with skylight roof.

Other stuff you might see or not:
--ANHELO-M05RG-155GA :: Helm - tin can - tank - --ANHELO-M46BI-182GA :: misty London morning (bike)
DRD - The Trashy Executive Table - Full
Soy. Papers - spread [A] - Soy. Covered with vinyl SET - Soy. Grayish day Bucket Light [gacha]
SEMPITERNAL [The Forbidden Room] w/o Surrounding Box [heavily edited] anxiety group gift
NOMAD // Rusty Propeller Fan // Floor
.peaches. Creative Courage - Artist Palette - .peaches. Creative Courage - Shabby Easle - .peaches. Creative Courage - Brush Jar
[Tia] Harper Crossed Oars Decor
. BLUSH . Underwear Set - 3 Colors
junk. telephone box couch. red. - junk. old school cabinet. - junk. echinopsis metal cactus. industrial.
Fly Magic Spells Papper (Joined)
Serenity Style- Vintage Radio
dust bunny . secretary chair - dust bunny . blanket storage table
llorisen // floor mattress & cushions.grey stripes (A)
-tb- Bon Voyage - Suitcase Clutter RARE [gacha]

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