Thursday, 1 November 2018

Womenstuff Gridwide Hunt 2018 from HEC

Exclusive L$1 gift for Womenstuff Gridwide Hunt 2018
💖 HEC (HUNT GIFT) - DOLLY CROCO GIFT OUTFIT VDFL-101. Standard (1 size), Belleza, eBODY 8.3, Maitreya, Slink
Multiple Sheer Levels (Mix & Match: high, semi, low, opaque). Multiple Glow Levels (mix & match). Full-bright On/Off (mix & match). Show/Hide (ALL)
Inventory, Screen & Lag Friendly (1 item/size, 1 HUD, 1 script). Materials Enabled (Full use of Advanced Lighting Model). Original Realistic Textures (best with ALM on). 100% Mesh.
Exclusive L$1 gift for Womenstuff Gridwide Hunt 2018
HEC Hint: Get comfy and enjoy your gift
All Hints
💖 Stockings - HEC - "Catherine" Thigh Highs FATPACK OS-00 * MAITREYA LARA
5 parts (top-band, main, back-seam, heels, toes), 4 main fabrics, 5 band fabrics (3 lacy, 2 rib stitched), 5 seam/heel fabrics (opaque or any main fabric), each one letting you mix & match unlimited colors, multiple sheer & glow levels. You can even show/hide the stockings with the click of a button. The stockings should fit in most shoes by default, but the HUD also lets you hide the heel, the toe and even the top-band.
💖 Nails - LIC - Spider Claws - Fitted for Maitreya, Slink, Tonic & Tuty. Comes with large texture hud.
Heels - N-core ARACHNID
Hair - TRUTH / Batty

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