Sunday, 9 June 2019


💖 Bikini -  HEC - JILL WetSense Tintable Bikini. Exclusives for the June 2019 round of the XXX event, running June 13th to July 3rd. If you are impatient to try these hot bikinis you can cam shop!
All packs are WetSense Enabled (water-interactive). HEC's very first ones, they come with an extra WetSense HUD!
Available packs:
HEC - JILL WetSense Tintable Bikini NAUGHTY PACK
HEC - JILL WetSense Tintable Bikini FISHNET PACK
HEC - JILL WetSense Tintable Bikini MERMAID PACK
HEC - JILL WetSense Tintable Bikini PLAIN PACK
Fitted for: Belleza (F/I/V natural breasts) - Maitreya (Lara) - Slink (P/H)
HEC WetSense Enabled: Water interactive - Wet/Drip Dry (auto or manually) - Usable wet and dry textures - Adjustable drying time - Work in Linden and prim water - Separate HUD
HUD Driven: 2 Parts (base, ties) - 1 Grouped Part (ALL) - Unlimited Colors (mix & match) - Multiple Glow Levels (mix & match) - Full-bright On/Off (mix & match).
💖 Pose - Secret Poses - Sweet Drink. Exclusive for Unik Event. 7 female bento poses, coconut included.
Secret Poses IW
Secret Poses MP
💖 Tattoo - Leven Ink Tattoo - Sinful Original. Appliers for Belleza, Maitreya and Omega, three tans included.
Leven Ink IW
Leven Ink MP

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