Saturday, 6 January 2018


💖 EVE Adaptive-feet
💖 Feet - *!* Adaptive feet -v9-Slim - pointy - feet to wear slink shoes
💖 Body - *!* EVE  slim V9
💖 Head - *!* EVE'olution-head-Beta 4b BENTO
💖 Lingerie - *!*EVE-Bra Slim & *!*EVE-String Slim
Heels - AZOURY -  Nesoi Cream [SLink Pointe]
Hair - Sintiklia - Lindy Bento [Once Upon A Nightmare Hunt Gift]

*!* EVE  Shoulder replacer + Ankles block
This little add-on reshapes your shoulders to two sizes and also locks your ankles. For Slim body only

As before it comes with slim and pulpy shapes.
Bento hands
Poses hands
Animation hands
Save preset hand poses [This option is great for photos]
over 260 Alpha
Alpha for the heart
Optimization of the complexity avatar approximatively 5000 :)
Optimization script
New vagina option [3 states]
Now you can delete you script body
Compatible with any bento animation

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