Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The Casanova Shelf

Coming very soon from 💖 Fapple- The Casanova Shelf - the finest craftsmanship we have come to adore 11li available soon at The Men's Department January 6th

💖 Shelf - Fapple- The Casanova Shelf @ TMD
Desk - Fapple- The Traveler's Desk
Desk Chair - Fapple- The Traveler's Chair Adult/BDSM
Fireplace - 3. Fapple- Candle Heart RARE [Gacha]
Chair - Fapple- Tolstoj Arm Chair Adult/BDSM
Rug - Fapple- Tolstoj Rug
Lamp - Fapple- Tolstoj Floor Lamp
Background - VARONIS - Noir Background

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