Tuesday, 26 March 2019

From Zen Creations Sweet Dreams Bed Set

💖 From Zen Creations Sweet Dreams Bed Set
Set includes (all items are re sizable):
Bed (with adult menu), 11 prims
Canopy, 4 prims [canopy is not attached, touch to hide pillows or canopy]
Ottoman with 9 solo animations, 3 prims
Lantern with light on/off, 2 prims
Potpourri jar, 1 prim
Solo candles with on/off flame, 2 prims each
Candle cluster, 3 prims total
Set changes color and size using a HUD. All bed items and ottoman fabric texture change and also can be tinted to any color in the spectrum.
ADULT MENU (206 couple animations, 27 threesomes, 18 singles):
SEX: (62 couple animations) Categories: Facing, Behind, Riding, Standing
PLEASURE: (66 couple animations) Categories: Please her, Please him, Mutual, Playtime
CONNECT: (60 couple animations) Categories: Kissing, Soft Touch, Pamper, Laying, Sitting, Sleep
ANAL: (18 couple animations) Categories: Ass 1, Ass 2
3somes: (27 threesome animations) Categories: MMF Cuddles, MMF Sex, FFM Cuddles, FFM Sex
Single sits: (18 single avatar sits) Categories: Sits Avatar 1, Sits Avatar 2

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