Monday, 11 March 2019

Naughty Marcus

Brand new and exclusive for The Skin Fair March 2019 from 💖 Altamura
💖 Altamura Marcus: L$343 special price
💖 Head/Body - Altamura - Marcus. Full head/body avatar with two shapes [adult and senior]. I find Marcus Sr quite dishy to be honest!
Also includes lots of huds to customize your avatar, and is omega friendly. Senior and middle aged skins included in the hud.
💖 HEC exclusive for the March round of the XXX Event (Mar 13th - Apr 13th, 2019).
💖 Boxers - HEC - NEIL Naughty Boxers Tintable FATPACK BGJE82-00FP (M). 4 detailed, tintable fabric presets, each one allowing unlimited colors, multiple glow levels, full-bright on/off, and strip (show/hide). HEC RO version adds interactive rip-off functionality. Fitted only for the SIGNATURE GIANNI branded mesh male body.

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  1. What a wonderful presentation! Thank you so much Abi! ♥♥♥